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Care - Bodysuit

Keep your little one’s bodysuits in pristine condition with these simple care tips, applicable to both our short-sleeve and long-sleeve designs:

  • Washing: Gently machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Cold water washing helps preserve the fabric's colors and softness while being energy efficient.

  • Bleaching: Do not bleach. Bleach can damage the organic cotton fibers and alter the natural colors of the fabric, reducing the garment's lifespan.

  • Drying: Opt for tumble drying on a low setting or air drying by line. Both methods protect the fabric's quality and feel, with line drying also offering an eco-friendly alternative by minimizing energy consumption.

  • Ironing: If ironing is needed, use a low heat setting. This approach helps remove any creases without harming the integrity of the organic cotton material.

Following these care guidelines will ensure that the bodysuits retain their shape, softness, and color, making them enduring favorites for everyday wear and comfort.